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High quality work provided by experienced professionals, you’ll get that streamline process with quick turnaround and delivery times you’ve been looking for.

WordPress Website Development

If you’re a digital or design agency offering a website design service, WordPress KO can help impress your clients. With a high quality of work, our streamline development process and quick delivery times are sure to impress.

Why Choose WordPress KO

Don’t risk your reputation with just any developer. If you want to provide your clients the best, you need WordPress KO for development and here’s why:

  • Local and reliable
    No timezone or communication issues, we’re here for you when it matters most.
  • Flat fee with no hidden costs
    You will be quoted a flat fee per project, so no surprises when you receive your invoice.
  • Your process and procedures
    WordPress KO maintains a streamline process that can fit in with any agency requirements.
  • You design, we develop
    All theme customisation, plugin integration and page creation is provided.
  • Experienced professional work
    Over 16 years of expertise in web development will bring that professional polish you’re looking for.
  • Affordable hourly contract rates available
    Contact us to find out more about our freelance contractor hourly rates and services.

Need a design or WordPress theme?
Check out our Full WordPress Website Design service

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you develop on a testing or staging server?

Yes – there are several ways we can work on your website depending on your requirements.

  • Your own development environment / development server
  • WordPress KO development server
  • Live server, behind a coming soon page
Can I see samples of your work?

Due to contract rights and discretion of work, our freelance development portfolio is only available on request. Please contact us if you would like to see some of our work completed with other digital and design agencies.

How does project scheduling and availability work?

Since we work with a number of clients and agencies, we advise our schedule on a project by project basis. If you have regular work we can advise the amount of time we can commit to your work upon request.

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